All about Oscar's cause.

Our son Oscar was born in January 2009. He had a long and difficult labour and was delivered by emergency C section. All seemed well at the beginning.
One hour after birth Oscar stopped breathing, we don’t know why or how long for, Oscar then spent the next 6 weeks in the Special Care Baby Units at Jessops Hospital and Rotherham General. Where for the first few days he was unable to breath for himself and was kept alive by a ventilator and had numerous tests.
We were told Oscar would be severely disabled, be deaf, blind and unaware of the outside world due to his lack of oxygen when he stopped breathing.
Oscar is proving the doctors wrong he can hear and see and is certainly aware of the world around him and is a happy little boy.

The lack of oxygen Oscar suffered has affected his brain leaving him with cerebral palsy, he has athetoid CP which is the rarest type. This means his brain is unable to correctly control his muscles and movements, leaving him unable to sit unsupported and no one can tell us if he will ever be able to walk or talk.

There is hope though, children like Oscar can improve with physio and speech therapy.

Oscar recently attended the Bobath Centre ( in London, who specialise in treating children like Oscar. The therapists at Bobath were very impressed with Oscar and he exceeded all the goals set for him during his visit.

Bobath believe Oscar has great potential, he is very clever and a very motivated little boy.
Oscar does receive therapy from the NHS but although his therapists are very good the time and rescources they can give Oscar are limited.

Bobath would like to see Oscar every 6 months, the NHS has paid for Oscar's first visit to Bobath but due to government spending cuts they are unlikely to do so again.

As his parents we want to give him the best in life and with the help of Bobath we can do this.
Each visit to Bobath would cost us around £5500 every 6 months.

So please do what you can to help us to help Oscar receive the therapy that Bobath can offer and help him live a full and happy life.

You can donate on-line safely via Paypal by clicking on the donate button on our homepage.

Thank you

Andrew, Chantil & Oscar Calvert